Farm Bakery


We will be baking pies every Friday beginning about mid-April!  To reserve a pie call the Wednesday before, otherwise all pies are available on a first come, first served basis.

Click on the links below for our baking dates:
2018 Pie Order Form for Jan., Feb., and March

When the store is open, pies can be picked up at the Farm store on Fridays, 10 AM-5 PM.  Call (831) 455-2575 for details.  During the winter pies can be picked up from the office (green house) 1PM-4PM. Sorry, we do not deliver or mail our pies.



Using our strawberries  the bakers make preserves regularly which is then sold in the produce stand.

Cookies and More!

When the Farm is open you can expect cookies and other goodies for sale right out of our oven every Tuesday (and sometimes Thursdays!).

Bakery History

Several years ago, we started thinking about baking pies on The Farm. After all, we already grow a lot of the things that go into pies, so why not bake our own? We spent a lot of time fiddling around with recipes, researching the different kinds of ovens, and figuring out how to install a commercial kitchen. We finally got to baking for the public back in the fall of 2009. Thousands of pies later, we’re still baking.

When The Farm is open, we bake on Fridays, so stop on by and try one. The Farmer’s Wife began baking the pies several years ago. She has had a life-long dedication to healthy food, so she balances her recipes right between health and baking a pie sweet enough to satisfy.

Since then we have expanded our wares!  Just recently we began baking pizzas using fresh produce and from-scratch dough.