School Tours

Bunny Iceberg Lettuce Harvesting

We welcome school groups of any class age, from kindergarten through high school. We can accommodate any size group and will tailor our program to suit the corresponding age level and interests.

Our School Tours are 45 minutes long and all include our tour basics, such as the hay-wagon tractor ride, windmill, wells, our farm animals, a field walk, and harvesting crops according to season. In addition to these, our School Tours also include age-appropriate components in order to provide your students with a genuinely educational experience that is geared to their grade.

Specific Grade Additions

  • Pre-Kindergarten: includes a focus on tactile.
  • K-1: includes a focus on fruits and vegetables.
  • 2-4: includes a focus on wells and water usage.
  • 5-6: includes a focus on in-depth farm practices and hands-on farm labor.
  • Junior High: includes a focus on farming history and social issues relevant to farming.
  • High School: includes a focus on in-depth farming practices and environmental issues relevant to farming.

School Tour fees: students and siblings are $5, kids 2 and under are free, parents are free. During pumpkin season in the fall, tours including pumpkin-picking are $6 per student. There is a $50 minimum charge for all school tours. Teachers are free. We reserve the right to adjust the fees based on the size and nature of the group. Reservations must be made in advance. Please call us at (831) 455-2575.