Custom Tours

Aeromotor windmill at The Farm

We offer Custom Tours for groups of 1-4 people interested in an in-depth experience. The Custom Tour will give one-on-one time with our farmer while visiting various parts of our vegetable farming operations and taking part in the daily routine of a real farmer. There are three basic packages to choose from, detailed below. Reservations must be made in advance. Custom Tours are available throughout the entire year. Call us at (831) 424-1996 for more information.

Custom Tour A (Farming Overview)

You will take a one-hour ride with a local farmer and inspect the farming process. This tour will open your eyes to the complexities of a Salinas Valley vegetable farming operation. Topics will include ground preparation
, thinning and weeding
, irrigation, pest control
, planting
, transplanting
, cultivating
, fertilizing
, and harvesting. The fee is $100 for a group of 1-4 people.

Custom Tour B (Farming Overview & Operational)

Spend two hours with our farmer and experience all of Tour A, plus hands-on participation in the farming and harvesting process. This tour will give you a greater appreciation for the produce that you buy at the store, as well as fascinating insights into the people and process necessary to get vegetables onto your dining room table. Ride on a 200+ horsepower tractor that is disking, ripping or leveling land. Meet our farm workers and learn the art of each of their particular jobs. Try your hand at moving irrigation pipe or thinning lettuce. Experience the workings of a harvest crew. Try packing a box of produce. The fee is $200 for a group of 1-4 people.

Custom Tour C (Vegetable Industry)

Spend three hours with our farmer and experience all of Tour B, plus a visit to the headquarters of our vegetable operation. This tour will give you a much broader view of the agricultural industry. Meet the people that oversee the operation that gets produce from the farm to the table. Tour the cooling facilities for our produce. Enjoy lunch at one of the local produce hangouts with our farmer. The fee is $300 for a group of 1-4 people.

Custom Tour Z

Mix and match from any of the selections above that are of special interest to you. The cost for this tour depends on time and complexity.

DISCLAIMER: Due to time and seasonal constraints, all activities mentioned are subject to change.