CSA is the acronym for Community-Supported Agriculture. In a nutshell, farmers create CSAs by allowing people to sign up in advance to receive fresh, seasonal produce. It’s kind of like buying a subscription for a newspaper, but instead of a newspaper, you’re getting a box of produce once a week. And, just like not knowing what the news in the newspaper is going to be like, you won’t know what the produce is each week until you get your box. The beauty of a CSA is, in addition to a great discount on price, it encourages you to eat what is seasonal. This, in turn, encourages you to eat vegetables that you probably avoid in the supermarket.

For 2017, our CSA program begins on May 11 and ends on November 9, for a total of 27 weeks. You may obtain a signup form at The Farm or print out a copy from here: Farm CSA 2017. Please drop off your filled-out signup form at The Farm. Also, keep in mind that you may join the CSA at any time during the season.