Welcome to THE FARM!

Our produce stand is CLOSED for the winter, BUT we are still baking pies!!!

See below for details!

The Farm is an organic produce stand that specializes in baking pie and also conducting tours of our farm. We are located just outside of Salinas, California, in the heart of farming country. Our produce stand is open from April through December, Monday to Saturday. However, we still give tours and bake pie through the winter months. Give the Crown Packing office a call for more information (831) 424-1996.






We have a baking schedule!!

Click on the link below for our baking dates.  Once the Farm opens (around mid-April) we will be baking nearly every Friday.

NOTE: We will be baking Fri., Feb. 23; Tue., March 13; Fri., March 30; and Fri. April 13
2018 Pie Order Form for Jan., Feb., and March




We are selling frozen pies!

To find out what flavors we have, or other info, please call the
Crown office at (831)424-1996.

Do you need a pie, but aren’t sure how to find the Crown office? All you have to do is follow the directions below. However, please note that we are open from 9 until noon, and then 1pm until 4pm, Monday through Friday in the winter months.

1. Enter Farm parking lot from the Spreckels Blvd exit off Hwy 68.

Crown Office2. Walk through black gate.






Crown doorbell3. Ring doorbell at front door of green house.

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